About The Marathon Mantras

D E D I C A T I O N   The Marathon Mantras is dedicated to every young person finding their way to the most authentic and productive version of their highest self, wherever they are on their journey. This book is also dedicated to the legacy of Ermias Asghedom-Nipsey Hussle, whose life and legacy serve as a beacon of hope and strength for so many. The Marathon Mantras is an offering of my gratitude to Nipsey Hussle for being a symbol of transformation, self-determination and progress as a leader in the collective struggle of our people. His life and legacy are shining examples of what we all can do when we discover our purpose and channel our energy in the proper direction. This book is a part of my contribution towards ensuring that the marathon continues for generations to come.


P R E F A C E   The loss of Nipsey Hussle is one of the most devastating losses of this generation, yet his legacy has the power to inspire and empower generations to come. The global outpouring of grief following the tragic loss of Nipsey displayed the undeniable impact of his cross-cultural influence. The Marathon Mantras is a compilation of inspiring lyrical quotes from the music of Nipsey Hussle. The lyrics have been selected to shine a light on positive messages and themes throughout Nipsey’s music. These lyrics have the power to influence, uplift and positively shift the lives and futures of our youth. Nipsey's legacy and spirit, as captured in this book, will help manifest his power, hustle and drive in the youth for generations to come. These manifestations can create a more positive and prosperous world community for and through our youth. As a middle school teacher I experienced the ability Nipsey's messages have to connect with and empower young people; through the creation of various lessons and classroom activities highlighting impactful themes and messages in his music. The experiences with my students fueled my desire to inspire, empower and enhance the future of our youth and our communities at large through his messages. As a mother, teacher, writer, creatress and community activist, I feel compelled to highlight Nipsey Hussle’s words for our youth. I know that his messages possess the power to help guide so many in their ascension to success, while also reminding them never to compromise their authentic selves in the process.