About the Author

Hi I'm Channing. I am the mother of three wonderful children and was inspired by the birth of my daughter to create a book with unique and positive representation for Black Girls. I have a bachelors of Science in Speech Language Pathology and Master's level educational background in School Psychology and Educational Counseling with an emphasis in culturally responsive trauma informed care and restorative justice practices. With five years of classroom teacher experience in middle and high school and a wealth of parenting experience from my own three children; I use my experiential knowledge gained from serving  Black students and students of color and parenting my own children to guide and inform my creative process in the edu-cultural sphere.

I also have a soft spot for social justice with a Black focus, and have organized and partaken in countless local community efforts serving, improving, elevating and advocating for the lives and rights of my community members.  I also created and lead Black Lives Yoga, a National effort to highlight and prioritize mental health and Self-care in the movement for Black Lives through Yoga lead by Black Women .

For more of self-published literary works visit https://bisforblackgirl.com/